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What Should I Even Put In My Newsletter?

Email newsletters are one of the most powerful ways for businesses to connect with and engage their customers.

Regular newsletters are your direct line to a willing audience. Your customers have opted-in because they want to hear from you. That is great because it means that your message will go directly to their inbox. You won’t get lost or hidden amongst the endless stream of posts on their social media feeds or be penalised by their complicated algorithms.

To get the most value out of the time and effort you put into creating your newsletter, it is important to include the right content. Sending out irrelevant, useless or downright annoying newsletters will damage those all-important relationships you have worked so hard to build.

But what on earth should you put in your weekly or monthly newsletters?

Read on to find out the essentials and to get inspiration for new and interesting content that will keep your readers coming back for more.

Newsletter Essentials…

When it comes to sending a good newsletter, there are some non-negotiable aspects. They are…

A Compelling Subject Line

Creating a great subject line is the most crucial step is to get your readers to actually open the email. So that means you should avoid typing “August Newsletter” into your subject line. For a start, it’s boring! Secondly, not many people will be motivated to read it unless they already have a strong connection with your business.

People are busy. They get a lot of emails every day. If your subject line does not compel them to open your message, then you are likely to end up in the trash can.

A good subject line grabs their attention and makes them want to read more. There are a number of ways you can create something compelling. Make it relevant to your customer and let them know what’s in it for them if they read the email. Make it intriguing and use your words wisely to instil a sense of urgency and excitement for that click through. Don’t be afraid to personalise it to include their name (just don’t overuse this tactic), or even inject a bit of humour.

Make It Personal

One of email’s greatest assets is that you can personalise it. While social media posts blast out to a broad audience, you can address people by name and even filter content for their specific interests or needs.

People will essentially know they are one of many reading an email. But you don’t need to make that fact obvious. Write like you are creating a message just for one person. Then, when your readers consume the content, they will feel like you are speaking directly to them. This personal touch can help them to resonate with your content better.

Use Images

Images grab people’s attention. People will look at images before they have a chance to read your content. So, make good use of engaging, attention-grabbing photos where possible. Consider using infographics, pictures, animations or even video within your newsletter to keep people interested.

A Call To Action

Ensure you know what your goal is for each newsletter you send out. Do you want to grow your social media accounts, promote a new product or service, or send people to your website? Pick one goal per newsletter and turn it into a call to action for your readers.

Part of the reason for sending a newsletter is to encourage your customers to take action when they read. This action doesn’t always be to buy a product or service. You might ask them to click through to a blog, fill in a survey, enter a giveaway, or any number of other actions. Highlight those buttons and links throughout your content so that it is easy for people to take action.


Your newsletter can act as a central hub of information for your readers. It is like a one-stop-shop, allowing them to find out more about your business and where they can find you online. Include links to all your relevant content, including your website and social media accounts. Also, make it easy for them to contact you with a reply to address or add your contact details in the footer.

Content Ideas…

Now that we have the essential aspects covered off, it is time to fill that newsletter with great content. Here are some things your audience will love to read:

Blog Posts/How-To Articles/FAQs

Good marketing is designed to solve a problem for your customers. As one of your most compelling forms of direct marketing, your newsletter is a great place to provide value. You can do this by writing a blog that addresses a need, such as a how-to article, a research piece on something interesting that is relevant to your business, or an FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) piece.
You should always use every opportunity to direct traffic to your website. A great way of doing this is to include just a juicy snippet of the article or blog, then direct them to click through to read more.

Industry Trends And News

Reporting on the latest news and trends in your industry helps to position you as a leader in your field. You can include brief snippets on recent developments, interviews with thought leaders, links to relevant news articles or blog posts, or even create a round-up of top resources your customers may find useful.

Business News And Updates

To help customers connect with your business on a personal level, include a behind the scenes looks at your team, how things work, and what you have been up to. People like to connect with people more than faceless corporations. Think employee of the month, a message from the owner, the mission and history of your business, or any other aspects that humanise your brand.

Surveys And Feedback

Use your newsletter to help improve your customer service. Ask readers to take a quick survey about their needs and wants, or rate and review your products, services, and processes. Not only does this make them feel like you genuinely care, but it will help you up your game. You can then use their responses to tailor your packages or to fix any faults in your processes.


Got an upcoming event, webinar, workshop or mastermind session? Then add it to your newsletter so that people can register. You may even want to offer your subscribers early bird entry or a chance to upgrade their tickets.

You can also use the space to launch new products, notify them of a change of address, mention a pop-up store, or new branches/stockists. Use it is a chance to blast out your news. After all, it is a newsletter!

Make It Fun!

No matter what industry you are in, there will always be a way to inject a bit of fun and personality into your newsletter. You can use memes, humour, viral videos, pop culture references, connections to current events and holidays.

Competitions and giveaways are a great way to get people interacting and sharing, plus it can really help to build a committed following. Think “cutest pet of the month” for a veterinary practice, or “best travel selfie” for a tour business. Get creative!

While your newsletter can be considered a great way to sell, you need it to be much more than a promotional vehicle. You must give value to get value. Design your newsletter with the purpose of enhancing the life of your readers and you will be rewarded with loyal and engaged customers.


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