Small and medium businesses are often resource hungry beasts. They gobble up time and energy with their constant appetite for admin, paperwork and bookkeeping. If you’re caught up in the battle to control your business, you may find that feeding the beast eats up all your time, energy and resources.

Admin Army are your troops on the ground. We make sure that the tasks that keep your business moving are delivered on time and exactly as you want them. Our highly skilled remote team of bookkeepers, payroll experts, accountants and virtual assistants are here to help as your partners: giving you the backup you need to keep control your business and stay focused on future growth.





Once upon a time, way back in 2016, I decided to challenge myself and start a business called Admin Army. Little did I know that 5+ years later, I would be at the helm of running a machine!

While my role in the early days of Admin Army included absolutely everything. These days I’m responsible for operational oversight of the business, making sure that everything runs smoothly, our clients are happy and that we are charging ahead towards our strategic goals. I also have a particular passion for building a strong culture within our team – where everyone is empowered to show up each day to be the best version of themselves and deliver exceptional outcomes for our clients.

My background in businesses of various sizes, as well as not for profit organisations, sees me well-qualified to work in partnership with our clients. My focus is helping clients to achieve their goals while supporting their business growth.

I am a Master Bookkeeper through the Institute of Certified NZ Bookkeepers, a Chartered Member of the NZ Institute of Directors and a master of the art of administrative control. When I’m not 100% focused on delivering the best product and service, I’m keeping a tactical eye on the future growth of the Admin Army business.

I also take time to practise what I preach; believing in downtime from Admin Army and the benefits that come from maintaining a work-life balance. When I’m away from my desk, I can be found exploring the countryside with Gryff; or rereading the Harry Potter books (books > movies) and creating HP Lego masterpieces (I’m a big fan!).

Bonnie - Payroll Officer



As the Payroll Manager at Admin Army and the proud recipient of the NZPPA Payroll Leader of the Year 2023, my journey in finance has been both rewarding and diverse. I started my career at IRD, where I specialized in GST, PAYE, and KiwiSaver, laying the foundation for my expertise in taxation and accounts. My path then led me to an accounting firm where I managed payroll for 10-15 clients weekly and spearheaded transitions onto new payroll systems, while also providing comprehensive bookkeeping services.

My international experience expanded in the UK, where I took on the role of the sole Payroll Administrator for a group of colleges, managing payroll processes for over 650 employees. Though I hold a Bachelor of Social Science in Psychology and Social Policy from my time at university, my professional life has been dedicated to accounts.

I’m passionate about making sense of complex accounts and presenting compliant, accurate business data to aid in informed decision-making and smooth year-end processing. I cherish the opportunities bookkeeping affords me to help people in tangible ways.

Outside of the office, I enjoy unwinding with a glass of pinot at the beach or cooking up a storm with my chef-partner. I’m also known for making the occasional quirky appearance in my Christmas jumper during mid-winter Teams calls! With a commitment to excellence and a touch of fun, I strive to bring my best to Admin Army and our clients every day.

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The past 15 years have seen me working in a range of different roles including finance, executive admin, leadership and project management. These roles have been in both large not for profit organisations and small business.

My role within Admin Army sees all of this experience pulled together and used to ensure that all our clients are getting the best solution, to allow them to focus on their goals.

I am known for being very particular about detail, and have a passion for quality and finding better ways to do things.  A firm believer in the old saying ‘work smarter, not harder’.

When I am away from the office you will often find me spending time with friends and family or enjoying the slower pace, taking the time to read or enjoying the mesmerizing sound of waves at the beach.

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Lorna - Accounting Service Support Manager



I am a Chartered Accountant with a Bachelor of Commerce majoring in Accounting and Commercial Law.

I spent my early career in an Accounting Practice then I moved into the Finance industry as a Senior Accountant and then later as the Operations Manager. 

My specialty would be Accounting (obviously!) but also relationship building and management. I enjoy engaging all areas within a business to ensure effective and efficient outcomes are achieved.

What I love about bookkeeping and the admin support service we offer to our clients is that we are changing the way the Accounting industry operates and I am excited to be leading the pack when it comes to outsourcing innovation.

I have 2 small children (3 if you include the dog!) so I don’t have much spare time! However, when I am not working, my family and I like to go to the beach and enjoy everything coastal living has to offer.

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I have a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Accounting and Economics from The University of the South Pacific. I am also a Xero Certified Advisor.

With 10+ years experience across the telecommunications, outsourcing, IT and government sectors, I have in-depth knowledge in both payables and receivables, fixed asset management and maintenance of general ledgers.

Since joining the Admin Army family, I have further expanded my skill set to include accounting system conversions, remedial work and the best part – Xero software. With excellent problem-solving skills and a high attention to detail, I am the team’s go-to guy for any gnarly reconciliation work required.

The best thing about bookkeeping is the opportunity to learn about how different businesses operate and the broad range of accounting treatments this exposes me to.

When I’m not working, I love watching soccer and rugby.

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Step aside, because Deepika is here to bring a whirlwind of talent and charisma to Admin Army’s array of services.  

With a Bachelor of Commerce majoring in Accounting and Economics, Deepika’s experience spans roles as a Finance Assistant in the higher education sector and an Assistant Accountant, skills she now employs to dazzle our clients. She’s not just any bookkeeper; she’s a client favourite and was even a finalist for the 2022 ICNZB Bookkeeping Employee of the Year award. Deepika’s approach to client relationships is centred around empathy and openness, making her not just an asset but an ally in your financial journey. 

When Deepika isn’t crunching numbers or leading our Bookkeeping Team Squad, she’s probably indulging in her passions for sketching and fashion design, experimenting with new Margarita recipes, or playing with her four-legged friend. If you’re looking for someone who can not only balance your books but also add a splash of Admin Army’s signature razzle-dazzle to your business operations, Deepika is your go-to professional. It’s not just about bookkeeping; it’s about making your business a resounding success, and with Deepika, you’re in extraordinarily capable hands.

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I have completed my Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting and Economics from The University of the South Pacific and I am also a Xero Certified Advisor and have certificate in Information Technology.

Before joining the elite team of Admin Army, I was a Graduate Accountant for a Tertiary Education Institute at which my core tasks involved Management Reports, Reconciliations and Budgets. I was also a Graduate Accountant for a manufacturing firm prior to that, where my area of focus was mostly towards operations involving Accounts Payable/Receivable, Financial Reports and Statutory Lodgments.

Using my previous experiences as an opportunity to transition smoothly into Admin Army, I was able to have a more thorough, in-depth understanding towards the needs and requirements of the clients accounting practices, at the same time trying to achieve maximum optimization. The best part about bookkeeping and working with Admin Army is working with an eclectic team and a very unique set of clients, which keeps you on your toes, not knowing what to expect and out of the box thinking while executing my bookkeeping duties.

If not bookkeeping, I’ll be either travelling and socializing or call in a lazy day binging and napping. There is no in between!

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Armed with a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting and Economics, Anit is a triple threat, seamlessly transitioning from his initial role as a bookkeeper to an assistant accountant. Currently working on his CPA, Anit personifies our ethos of constant learning and growth. But what sets him apart is his uncanny ability to make clients feel as if he’s their dedicated one-man army.

One recent client was blown away by the consistent quality Anit delivered across various tasks, convinced he was the sole mastermind behind their project. With a keen focus on client-centric solutions, Anit excels at identifying pain points and turning them into pathways for improved processes. Whether it’s a heads-up about impending GST obligations or a deep dive into reconciliations, Anit’s your go-to for an array of accounting needs. 

Outside the office, Anit is an enthusiastic shut-in whose world revolves around anime, online gaming, and the intriguing rise of AI tools. Don’t be fooled by his love for archery (a former passion); these days, he’s more likely to quote an obscure Pokémon fact than loose an arrow. Anit brings his unique blend of expertise, quirky interests, and endless drive to the Admin Army team. So, if you’re looking for someone who can tackle your accounting tasks with the precision of an archer and the strategic thinking of a gamer, Anit is your man—proving once again that Admin Army is not just a workplace, it’s a community of talents.

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Arti - Amin Army Bookkeeper



When you’re searching for a blend of expertise, precision, and pizzazz in the realm of accounting, look no further than Arti, a standout in Admin Army’s esteemed team.  

Boasting a Bachelor of Commerce with a major in Accounting & Banking, Arti is also a triple threat with certifications in Xero, MYOB, and WorkflowMax. She’s a pro when it comes to intricate financial tasks, but what truly sets her apart is her knack for clear, regular communication and laser-focused attention to detail. Her crowning achievement? Flawlessly onboarding a major, rapidly-expanding client, showcasing not just her skill but also the signature Admin Army capability for scaling with your business needs. 

Outside the financial spreadsheets, Arti is a social butterfly who loves a good eatery, binges on Korean drama, and grooves to K-POP. And let’s not forget her fondness for margaritas! In her own unique way, Arti encapsulates what Admin Army is all about: top-tier professionalism meshed with a dash of individual flair. Whether it’s handling your complex financial data or identifying problem areas for improvement, you can trust Arti to bring accuracy, integrity, and a little razzle-dazzle to the table.

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Francine - Virtual Assistant



Allow us to present Francine, your go-to Virtual Assistant and a key member of the Admin Army team since September 2020.  

Originating as our first offshore VA in Fiji, Francine has since relocated to New Zealand but remains an invaluable asset to our brigade. With a Bachelor of Commerce in Hotel Management and a Professional Development Certificate as a Human Resources Generalist, she’s the perfect blend of administrative mastery and human connection. Her unique strength lies in building trust with clients, like turning a six-month project into a lasting relationship where clients confidently leave their business in her hands even while they’re on holiday. Beyond bookkeeping and virtual assistance, Francine is also our in-house Workflow Max Advisor. 

But that’s not all! When she’s not working her Admin Army magic, Francine is an all-rounder: a lover of reading, creative writing, swimming, hiking, and an unapologetic Harry Potter aficionado. Whether it’s researching the latest marketing software or enjoying a good board game, she embodies the Admin Army values to step out of her comfort zone and continuously evolve. From her initial role in Fiji to her current contribution in New Zealand, Francine’s journey epitomises the adaptability and razzle-dazzle that makes Admin Army the dream team you never knew you needed.

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Arti - Amin Army Bookkeeper



Get to know Pritika, the linchpin of Admin Army’s Quality team, with a knack for turning challenges into achievements.  

Her journey began as a bookkeeper, where she quickly earned a reputation for not just keeping books but for transforming them. With a Bachelor’s in Accounting & Finance and an innate love for the “magic” of accounting software, Pritika navigates the complexities of the job with unparalleled finesse.

Her standout moment? Rescuing a complicated onboarding process and turning an initially dissatisfied client into a happy one. Pritika not only focuses on numbers but also on client satisfaction, consistently delivering open communication and tailored advice. If you’re looking for someone who approaches bookkeeping as an art form and views each client as a collaborative partner, look no further. 

Away from her spreadsheets, Pritika is a bona fide lover of music, shopping, and travel. And when she isn’t exploring new destinations or hunting for the next must-have item, you’ll find her acing badminton and table tennis matches. Pritika’s eclectic interests perfectly encapsulate what Admin Army is all about—a fusion of expertise, passion, and personality. Her mantra? Be honest, reliable, and eternally optimistic. So, if you want someone who brings this mix of professional acumen and vibrant energy to your accounting needs, Pritika is your go-to guru. 

Arti - Amin Army Bookkeeper



Muskan brings a fresh wave of enthusiasm and a meticulous eye for detail to the Admin Army team. With a Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce and a natural proficiency for numbers, she seamlessly pivoted from a Data Operator role into the intricate world of bookkeeping.

Her journey at Admin Army began with a bold step, transforming her academic foundation into practical expertise. Muskan embodies our ethos of embracing challenges and turning them into opportunities, exemplifying how passion and dedication are the true drivers of success in our field.

In her time with Admin Army, Muskan has swiftly adapted to various accounting software, showcasing her adaptability and eagerness to learn. She approaches her work with a problem-solving mindset, always eager to untangle the complexities of bookkeeping.

Muskan’s commitment to clear communication and quality service echoes Admin Army’s dedication to client satisfaction. Her rapid progression from novice to skilled bookkeeper is a testament to the nurturing and supportive environment that Admin Army prides itself on.

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Arti - Amin Army Bookkeeper



Sweta brings a wealth of experience from the freight and manufacturing industries, complemented by a Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting & Finance and a Xero Certification. Known for her stellar communication and unwavering commitment to quality, she ensures that each client’s needs are meticulously met.

Always eager to tackle new challenges, Sweta upholds the highest standards in all her professional pursuits. When she’s not delivering outstanding service to our clients or mastering the numbers, Sweta enjoys music and travel, keeping her mind sharp with riddles and brain teasers. With Sweta on your team, expect nothing less than exceptional professionalism and insightful support. 🌟

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Arti - Amin Army Bookkeeper



Introducing Shristika, who brings a whole new level of passion and precision to our team. With a rich academic background, she holds a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce, majoring in Human Resources Management and Industrial Relations, along with Management and Public Administration. Not stopping there, she also boasts a Postgraduate Diploma and a Master’s degree in Commerce, achieved by the impressive age of 25. When Shristika sets her sights on a goal, she achieves it with unstoppable determination.

At Admin Army, payroll isn’t just about numbers for Shristika; it’s a complex dance of strategy and innovation, and she is adept at performing it. She thrives on the dynamic opportunities for learning and growth that come with every client interaction, embodying the ever-evolving spirit of Admin Army. Despite her introverted exterior, once engaged, Shristika brings an energetic force to our team. Off the clock, she’s a devoted movie buff, an avid traveler, and an unabashed pizza lover—because for Shristika, pizza isn’t just food; it’s love! 🍕

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Arti - Amin Army Bookkeeper



With a diverse career spanning 13 years across roles from office clerk to facilities manager, Zaynah brings a rich tapestry of skills and an unmatched client-centric focus. Her Higher Education Diploma in Management only scratches the surface of her expertise. Known for her brilliant innovations and particularly impactful client campaigns, Zaynah excels in maintaining constant communication and turning every client interaction into a success story. 

But Zaynah’s talents extend beyond her professional achievements. A passionate traveller, avid cook, and outdoor games enthusiast, she infuses her work with the same energy and zest she brings to her personal pursuits. Despite her fear of heights, she’s gearing up for a bungee-jumping adventure, embodying her love for a good thrill and demonstrating her embrace of challenges, whether they’re in the office or off a bridge. Recently diving into payroll, Zaynah has quickly become an enthusiast, bringing a fresh perspective and turning payroll complexities into exciting, manageable challenges.

With Zaynah, you gain not just a professional but a dynamic force, perfectly embodying the Admin Army ethos of professionalism infused with vibrant, human charisma.

Arti - Amin Army Bookkeeper



Get to know Mitali, our dedicated Bookkeeping Team Squad Leader who brings a rich blend of experience and expertise to Admin Army. With a Bachelor of Business in Accounting and a Master of Professional Accounting, she’s your go-to expert for all things bookkeeping. Having honed her skills with clients from Australia, the UK, and New Zealand, Mitali is a versatile and dynamic asset to our team. Her meticulous attention to detail and proactive client communication ensures top-notch satisfaction, while her guiding principles of respect and open-mindedness foster a welcoming environment for everyone. 

Away from the ledgers and spreadsheets, Mitali is an avid music listener and a culinary explorer, keen on trying diverse cuisines from around the globe. However, if there’s one thing she can’t stand, it’s green bell peppers—although she gives the red and orange varieties a pass!

When she isn’t busy leading her squad in providing exceptional bookkeeping services, you might catch her indulging in her love for Korean dramas. With Mitali, you’re not just getting a bookkeeper; you’re gaining a multifaceted professional who enriches our team and elevates our service delivery.

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Arti - Amin Army Bookkeeper



Presenting Riya, a key player on our Bookkeeping team, who brings over six years of multinational accounting experience to her role.

Certified in QuickBooks Online and Xero Advisory, Riya expertly handles the accounting requirements of New Zealand, Canada, and the UK. She is currently advancing her skills by pursuing a Master of Commerce. Riya’s passion for learning drives her to continually innovate and refine her approach to bookkeeping, ensuring that every project is executed flawlessly and every client relationship is enhanced.

Beyond balancing the books, Riya is an avid explorer who cherishes capturing the beauty of new places with her camera. Her diverse interests, which include solving Sudoku puzzles, practicing yoga, and meditating, help keep her mind sharp and spirit engaged. Known for her love of spicy foods—particularly those sprinkled with coriander—Riya infuses the same zest and commitment into her professional endeavors. When you collaborate with Riya, you’re not just working with a bookkeeping professional; you’re partnering with a dedicated and highly motivated expert committed to excellence in every task.

Arti - Amin Army Bookkeeper


Meet Raman, a dynamo in Admin Army’s Accounting Practice Support, who perfectly exemplifies the blend of analytical prowess and client-centric focus that sets our team apart.  

With a Bachelor of Commerce (Hons.) and over six years of industry experience, Raman originally delved into bookkeeping before discovering his true calling in compliance work. If there’s one thing that fuels him, it’s an insatiable quest for learning, which not only keeps him on top of his game but also ensures he delivers nothing short of top-notch quality to clients. Raman’s formula for client satisfaction is refreshingly straightforward—frequent, clear communication, ensuring you’re always in the loop and satisfied with the work at hand. 

In between dissecting data and maintaining client relationships, Raman channels his love for numbers into another type of analytics—movie ratings! A self-confessed foodie, he treasures the simple joys in life like relishing homemade meals prepared by his mother. Although once aspired to be a scientist, Raman found his ultimate love in numbers and chose a different kind of lab—the accounting office. When you work with Raman, you’re not just getting an accountant; you’re getting someone who approaches every task as an exciting new problem to solve, combining professional rigor with a dash of zest that’s distinctly Admin Army.

Arti - Amin Army Bookkeeper



Say hello to Vikas, the Excel wizard of Admin Army!  

With a whopping 10 years in accounting and seven specifically in Accounting Practice Support, he’s got the experience and expertise to not just meet but exceed your expectations. Armed with a Master of Business Administration and a Master of Commerce, he’s not just playing with numbers—he’s composing symphonies with them. Vikas’s meticulous approach to understanding client requirements ensures tailored, quality service every time. He’s automated many of our internal processes and created customised spreadsheets for our clients, bringing that special Admin Army razzle-dazzle to every project. His guiding principles include listening attentively, personal accountability, meeting deadlines, and delivering quality, making him an indispensable part of our stellar team. 

When Vikas isn’t whipping up Excel magic or diving deep into financial statements, he’s likely enjoying a game of cricket, cooking up a storm, or embarking on long rides to explore new terrains. And speaking of exploration, he has a passion for collecting ancient coins and notes. So when you collaborate with Vikas, you’re not just working with an accounting maestro, you’re engaging with a multi-faceted individual whose keen attention to detail and commitment to quality make him the epitome of Admin Army excellence.

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Arti - Amin Army Bookkeeper



Meet Swathi, a dedicated member of our Admin Army team with seven years of accounting expertise across New Zealand and India. With an MBA in Finance, Swathi is driven by the dynamic challenges and culture of the accounting industry.

She approaches client relationships with a focus on clear communication and careful consideration of client feedback to ensure satisfaction and high-quality outcomes. Swathi has demonstrated remarkable efficiency, notably completing complex accounting tasks within a single day. Committed to delivering quality work on time, she follows client instructions meticulously.

Outside of work, Swathi enjoys exploring new cuisines and traveling. Interestingly, after years of avoidance, tea has become her favorite beverage, reflecting her openness to new experiences. With Swathi, you gain not only a skilled accountant but also a proactive and adaptable team member.

Arti - Amin Army Bookkeeper



Meet Salanieta, your versatile Virtual Assistant at Admin Army, who brings a vibrant blend of skills and international flair to our team. With valuable experience in social media management, data processing, email management, debtor calling, and handling reservations, Salanieta thrives on the dynamic challenges presented by her role. Certified in Xero and Mail Chimp, and proficient in tools like HootSuite and CreditorWatch Collect, she’s equipped to deliver top-quality service to our global clientele.

Salanieta is passionate about fostering excellent communication with clients to build strong, satisfactory relationships. Her dedication is reflected in her proudest achievement: witnessing the growth and success of her clients, affirming the positive impact of her hard work. At heart, she is driven by a commitment to align with her clients’ needs and embody the collaborative, supportive culture of Admin Army.

Outside of work, Salanieta enjoys cooking Asian dishes, delving into crime and self-development books, and unwinding with podcasts. A fun fact about her? She absolutely loves Chai Latte and Earl Grey tea! Whether you need administrative support or a creative problem-solver, Salanieta is here to ensure your success with a touch of Admin Army’s signature zest.




Meet Surya, our seasoned Cost and Management Accountant and an esteemed Associate member of the Institute of Cost Accountants of India. With a Xero Advisor Certificate and 12 years of diverse experience in commercial accounting and New Zealand compliance, Surya brings a future-focused outlook to our team, honed during his formative BPO days and now more relevant than ever in the post-Covid landscape.

Surya excels at streamlining processes with a keen eye for client needs, infusing every project with his signature personal touch. When he’s not fine-tuning financials, Surya is passionate about sharing his knowledge with students, exploring new destinations, and indulging in his love for good food and space science. 🚀

Meet the team series here.




Here comes Mohit, our Australian taxation and bookkeeping maestro with over 5 years of industry experience. 

Not only is he certified in both Xero and MYOB, but Mohit is also the virtuoso behind some of Admin Army’s most incredible turnarounds. Ever heard of reconciling three years’ worth of transactions—about a thousand of them—in a single day? That’s Mohit for you! With a knack for facing daily challenges head-on, he embodies our core principle: deliver on time, every time, earning your trust and fostering a lasting client relationship along the way. 

Away from the numbers and spreadsheets, Mohit is a family man who loves to explore new places and is always eager to learn. Although he may come across as reserved at first, that’s just his introverted charm. Once you get to know him, you’ll realise he’s an indispensable part of your financial dream team. Whether it’s his precision in accounting or his punctuality in project delivery, Mohit makes sure Admin Army stands for excellence across the board.




Meet Namrata, our seasoned bookkeeping professional with a degree since 2015. With over 6 years of expertise serving clients globally, including the US, UK, Canada, and Australia, Namrata is certified in Intuit, Xero, MYOB, and US Payroll. Her commitment to clear communication, quality work, and building trust ensures client satisfaction.

Namrata’s notable success includes swiftly revamping processes for a major client within two months, earning commendation. Guided by values of professionalism, she takes joy in exploring new places through travel.




Get to know Shivangni, the powerhouse of enthusiasm and expertise in Admin Army’s bookkeeping team. 

Even though she’s still completing her Bachelor of Commerce, don’t let that fool you. With an impressive 8 years in the accounting field, she’s a virtuoso in Xero and MYOB. Shivangni thrives on delving into the financial intricacies of various business sectors, ever eager to understand and adapt. She believes in the power of positive communication and is committed to ensuring client satisfaction, embodying the Admin Army ethos of top-notch service with a sprinkle of flair. 

Outside of numbers and ledgers, Shivangni is a self-confessed foodie and movie buff, always on the hunt for the next culinary adventure or cinematic experience. She even adds a dash of razzle-dazzle to her workouts at the gym! To sum it up, Shivangni is not just about meeting client expectations, but exceeding them. 




Bringing you Famiza, Your Dedicated Virtual Assistant with a Business Owner’s Perspective! 🌟 

Famiza joins Admin Army backed by a rich tapestry of experience, from being a Retail Manager to running her own businesses. Armed with a Professional Diploma in Business Management and a standout Certificate III in Small Business Development and Management, she brings a unique blend of admin and management skills to our team. What drives her? A zest for new experiences and a love for connecting with people! 

Famiza is your go-to VA for reliability and quality, thanks to her commitment to Total Quality Management. Whether it’s bookkeeping or any form of virtual assistance, her eye for process optimization is a game-changer—as proven when Scribe halved her SOP development time! 

With values of honesty and clarity, Famiza aims to get it right the first time. Because she knows what it’s like to juggle the many aspects of running a business, her focus is always on making your life easier. When she’s not elevating your business, you’ll find her savouring quality time with her family and winding down with a comforting cup of masala chai. 🍵👨👩👧👦 

A fan of the great indoors, Famiza brings her A-game to Admin Army and is excited to take your business to the next level! 




Adept at navigating the complexities of debtor calling, client relationship management, and effective team communications. Drawn to the industry by the flexibility of working from home, Alex has tailored his lifestyle around delivering proactive and organized virtual assistance. 

With a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and Chemistry and a Postgraduate Diploma in Climate Change, Alex brings a uniquely analytical and methodical approach to his tasks. He prides himself on enhancing team dynamics and strengthening client communications, grounded in a solid commitment to professional ethics. Outside the office, Alex enjoys an eclectic mix of activities including watching TV series, playing badminton, practicing shadow Muay Thai, and piloting flight simulators. 

And a quirky tidbit to keep things interesting: when Alex gets serious, some might mistake his intensity for sternness—a classic case of misunderstanding a deep thinker. With Alex, you’re not just getting a virtual assistant; you’re gaining a committed and capable ally who ensures your administrative tasks are handled with precision and a hint of mystery. 




Say hello to Rhea, Admin Army’s indispensable all-rounder, expertly navigating both administrative duties and creative projects. With over ten years of experience in administration, complemented by a Diploma in Graphic Design and currently pursuing a Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing, Rhea expertly blends detailed precision with creative flair.

Tasked with arguably the toughest job at Admin Army—managing our dynamic CEO, Irene—Rhea handles every challenge with grace. Her role demands meticulous attention to detail and a knack for innovative solutions, traits she possesses in abundance.

Despite her introverted nature, she excels in crafting personalized client interactions, ensuring everyone feels fully supported from their first interaction. Her quick adaptability was showcased early on when she played a pivotal role in an award-winning project just two months into her tenure. Beyond her professional achievements, Rhea is an avid reader and amateur detective, thanks to her love for crime documentaries. She relishes the tranquility of rainy days spent with a good book and a hot cuppa and enjoys tending to her garden on sunny days. Describing herself as “naturally introverted, selectively extrovert,” Rhea brings a unique mix of quiet charisma and steadfast commitment to our team.




Here comes Krita, the financial virtuoso of Admin Army.  

With her roots in procurement and costing, Krita takes a distinct and invaluable approach to bookkeeping,  and payroll services. As a Bachelor of Commerce graduate majoring in International Business and Human Resources, and a Xero Certified Advisor, Krita is the full package. She’s on a mission to allow clients to focus on operational excellence, while she manages the numbers. Her core principles of Integrity, Accountability, Respect, and Passion are not just buzzwords, but the guiding lights that ensure she builds meaningful and loyal relationships with her clients. 

When the numbers are crunched and the ledgers are balanced, Krita shifts gears to explore world cuisines, delve into Harry Potter marathons, or go on adventures with her dogs. In a nutshell, Krita embodies the Admin Army spirit—offering not just outstanding service, but doing so with flair and a sense of adventure. Trust Krita to bring both expertise and razzle-dazzle to your administrative and financial needs. 




Presenting Anurag, a Xero-certified accounting dynamo who brings more than just numbers to the Admin Army family.  

With a keen focus on accounts payable (AP), accounts receivable (AR), bank reconciliation, and GST, he knows how to make your financials sing. His mantra for client satisfaction is as straightforward as it is effective: understand the client’s needs and exceed their expectations. When a large client came to us with two years of flawed accounting, it was Anurag who untangled the mess and set them on the path to financial clarity—true Admin Army Razzle Dazzle in action. His unwavering honesty guides every interaction, ensuring a relationship built on trust and professionalism. 

When he’s not balancing ledgers or rectifying accounts, Anurag is all about balance in life too. He’s a fitness enthusiast who enjoys working out and is also an avid football player. An adventurer at heart, he loves to travel and explore new places whenever he gets the chance. So with Anurag, you’re not just getting top-notch accounting support; you’re engaging with a well-rounded, highly committed professional whose values and vigour enhance the exceptional service that is synonymous with Admin Army. 




 Meet Princely, a multi-talented team member with a rich background spanning 12 years across accounting, audit, and event management, all rooted in a solid foundation of a Bachelor of Commerce degree. What drives him? A passion for piecing together financial puzzles to help clients reach their goals. He’s not just about numbers; he’s about making sense of them in ways that matter. And with his Xero certification, Princely is well-equipped to offer top-notch advice and support. 

Princely is all about getting to know what clients need and ensuring they’re happy every step of the way. He’s proud of making things more efficient, like when he helped a textile company better use their time to boost profits. With integrity and accountability at the heart of everything he does, Princely is a true asset. When he’s not diving into financials, you might find him exploring new places through the lens of his camera or enjoying the simple pleasure of a long drive with music for company. And for a bit of fun, ask him about the time he mixed honey with a half-boiled egg – it was quite the adventure! 




Meet Alka, one of our skilled Payroll Officer’s at Admin Army, who brings over four years of specialized experience in Australian taxation and payroll from her previous roles. With her proficiency certified in both Xero and QuickBooks, Alka’s zeal for accounting and numbers shines through in her work. Her noteworthy journey includes a rapid promotion to manager in her prior position, underscoring her commitment and capability in her field. While with us, Alka has become a valuable asset, contributing significantly to our operations by upholding our standards and seeking feedback to enhance our services continually. 

Alka’s approach to work is marked by a straightforward commitment to transparency and loyalty, fostering solid and reliable client connections. Outside of managing payroll intricacies, Alka finds balance in life through yoga, exercise, and the joy of dance—even if she claims to have two left feet. And, for those who appreciate culinary arts, Alka’s talent in the kitchen rivals her professional accomplishments. Alka adds a unique flavour to the Admin Army team, proving that her contributions, while not front and centre, are integral to our collective success and the robust support we offer our clients. 




Meet Sweetha, our new Virtual Assistant Team Leader at Admin Army, who brings a wealth of experience in bookkeeping, virtual assistance, payroll, and accounting practice support. With her extensive training and practical expertise, Sweetha adeptly manages a range of financial tasks, making her a pivotal asset to our team.

Driven by her passion for organization and problem-solving, Sweetha excels in a dynamic work environment that constantly offers new learning opportunities and the chance to make significant business impacts. While she continues to pursue her CPA certification, her strong educational background in commerce and business administration provides a solid foundation for her role. Sweetha is committed to excellence in client service, prioritizing clear communication and attentiveness to ensure satisfaction and high-quality results. Her recent achievement includes dramatically improving debtor collections by 40% within six months, enhancing both cash flow and customer satisfaction.

At the core, Sweetha values transparency, integrity, and excellence, building lasting relationships based on trust and respect. Outside the office, she enjoys the tranquility of bush walks and the joy of watching her boys play cricket, embracing every moment of family time and outdoor adventures. Sweetha’s “happiness radar” and her upbeat mantra that “life is good” reflect her positive approach to both life and work. As our Virtual Assistant Team Leader, Sweetha is dedicated to leading her team with enthusiasm and a focus on achieving the best outcomes for our clients.




Introducing Fiona, our dynamic Bookkeeper and Certified Payroll Specialist at Admin Army, who proudly holds the title of our very first Payroll Advisor in Australia. With extensive experience across diverse sectors including Hospitality, Health & Wellness, Trade Services, Childcare, and the Disability Sector, Fiona’s comprehensive background makes her an invaluable asset. Her passion for payroll and precision in bookkeeping is complemented by a Certificate IV in Business, Accounting and Bookkeeping, and certification as a Payroll Specialist.

Fiona’s approach to her role is driven by a deep love for numbers and a perfectionist nature that thrives on the challenges of financial management. She is currently advancing her professional qualifications by working towards becoming a BAS Agent and is a voting member of the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers. Her career is marked by significant achievements, including her pivotal role as the first to spearhead our payroll advisory services in Australia, setting a high standard for integrity and detailed attention within the team.

Beyond her professional life, Fiona is equally passionate about personal pursuits. She enjoys spending quality time with her family, keeping fit with pilates, and indulging in the simple pleasure of dining out to avoid the cleanup afterwards. Notably, Fiona has a unique disdain for mangoes, finding their taste quite disagreeable, a quirky contrast to her otherwise broad palette. With Fiona managing your financial needs, expect nothing less than meticulous care, expert advice, and the commitment that defines Admin Army’s services, all delivered with our signature razzle-dazzle.




Meet Lorraine, our Payroll Advisor at Admin Army, who has accumulated over two decades of experience in administrative roles, primarily within the agricultural sector. Her career began right out of school at a farm machinery manufacturer, and since then, she has expanded her expertise through various roles and extensive community volunteer work.

Lorraine’s interest in payroll was sparked in 2013 while working as a Software Support Specialist. Today, she holds certifications such as NZPPA Certified Payroll Specialist and Certified Xero Advisor, which highlight her ongoing commitment to her professional development. Lorraine is known for her problem-solving abilities and focuses on ensuring client satisfaction by delivering high-quality, efficient results.

Away from work, Lorraine enjoys exploring new places and actively participating in her community. She’s also a country music enthusiast and a staunch Crusaders rugby fan, adding a personal touch to her engaging personality. Honest, open, and effective in communication, Lorraine is a vital part of our team, trusted by clients for her straightforward approach and reliability.




Welcome aboard Sayal, a key member of our Bookkeeping team in Fiji at Admin Army. Sayal brings over eight years of experience in various private sectors and outsourcing, specializing in payables and receivables, BAS lodgments, and GST management. She holds a Bachelor of Commerce in Economics and Finance from The University of the South Pacific.

Sayal is driven by a passion to expand her skills and enjoys the challenges of adapting to different business accounting systems. She approaches client relationships with clear and regular communication, meticulous attention to detail, and a consistently positive attitude. This proactive approach has enabled her to think outside the box and effectively manage any challenges that come her way.

Outside of work, Sayal’s world revolves around her family, cherishing the time spent relaxing and socializing with them. When not immersed in her professional or family life, she loves to travel or indulge in a lazy day of napping. Sayal is committed to delivering precise and efficient bookkeeping services, ensuring each client’s needs are met with professionalism and care.




I am one of Admin Army’s Directors, as well as the CEO and one of the Founders of Streamline Business Group (Admin Army’s parent company). A serial entrepreneur, I previously founded and listed Solutions Dynamics on the NZX in 2004.

I have a huge passion for ‘streamlining’ client back-office processes, so you can concentrate on the hard work of making money!

When I’m not busy planning our next strategic mission, I can be found hiking in this beautiful country of ours or exploring the world through travel.




Every Army needs a demolition expert and Admin Army is no exception.  A German Shepherd/Husky by breeding: Gryff joined the team in August 2016 and has been running office demolitions ever since. He’s also Head of Document Destruction and takes care of our social club.

When Gryff isn’t hard at work being a personality to be reckoned with; he can be found chasing his ball, doing tricks for treats, or hunting sky grapes.