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5 Ways To Get The Most Out Of Your Bookkeeper

Bookkeepers are pretty darn amazing (if we do say so ourselves)!

But, there are limitations to their powers. They can perform magic with your finances and reporting, yet they are not mind readers.

That is why it is important to know how you can best work with your bookkeeper to get the most out of your relationship together.

If you follow our top tips, then you will create a strong relationship with them that will really benefit your business.

Here we go…

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Bookkeeper

1: Choose The Right One

First and foremost, for any relationship to be successful, you need to choose the right bookkeeper. If you don’t feel like you click with them, then you are never going to be able to ask them the questions you need to. It will also feel like a chore to stay in touch and to provide them with the detail they need to help your business.

So, make sure you pick someone you can trust, someone you like, and someone that has the same business values as you.

2. Stay In Touch

If you only talk to your bookkeeper once in a blue moon, then you are missing out. Not only are bookkeepers awesome to chat with, but they can help you make your business life easier. They can even help you to position your business for success.

This essential financial resource helps to fill in the gaps of what is going on in your business. Financial trouble is one of the most common reasons that businesses fail. By staying in touch with your bookkeeper, they can explain what is going on with the numbers. This can help you to make informed decisions to ensure your business stays profitable.

3: Keep Them In The Loop

Planning to register for GST, employ a team member, or to change your business structure? Your bookkeeper should be one of the first people that you talk to about those decisions.

With any alteration to your business, there will be lots of things to think about. Your bookkeeper can ensure you think about all the finance-related issues, and that you meet your compliance obligations with the IRD.

4: Regularly Send Them Info

By providing your financial info on a regular basis, your bookkeeper is able to action and process it efficiently. Try to send your invoices, receipts and other records consistently throughout the year so that you stay on top of things.

Think of it this way… it can be hard to remember what you had for dinner last week, let alone what a restaurant receipt from 8 months ago was for! By providing your records in a timely manner, you won’t need to try and remember things like that.

5: Utilise Their Expertise

Bookkeepers work with numbers and reports all day, every day. That makes them an asset to your business. They understand finances like no one else. You can use that knowledge to your advantage.

Don’t be afraid to ask your bookkeeper for advice. Because they will have an intimate understanding of how your business works, they will be able to offer suggestions on how to make it run better, more profitably, or more efficiently. Make sure you ask them questions if you are unsure of something. No question is a silly one, they will have heard it all before!

So, if you are looking for the right bookkeeper for your business, get in touch with the team here at Admin Army. Every day, we wage war on our client’s finances and always win! Connect with us today to see if we are the right fit to help your business grow and succeed.