What Is Pinterest For Business?

Aug 30, 2021

With the plethora of social media platforms already about, why try another one? – I hear you cry!

Isn’t it for influencers and hobbyists? Does it actually work for business?

The reality is that Pinterest is a formidable tool, offering business actionable engagement that can be easily taken advantage of.

So don’t miss out on this free mega-search engine and read on…

Today we’re getting back to basics and discussing what Pinterest for Business actually is.


What is Pinterest for Business?


Pinterest is a visual discovery search engine; however, it is more than pretty pictures, hairstyles, fashion and home décor bloggers. Today users, known as pinners, are using Pinterest to make critical work and homelife decisions, and businesses are reaping the rewards of a heavily engaged audience.

Pinterest for Business is one of the more under-utilized forms of social media for business development, however, here are some eye-watering facts that may just spark your interest:

  • 325 million users per month
  • 2 billion searches per month
  • ¾ content comes from business websites
  • 66% of users (pinners) are female
  • 70% of users are saving and clicking on pins
  • 40% of engagement is from related pins
  • 85% of users are on a mobile device


Why you should use Pinterest


Engagement is ridiculously high

Pinterest’s algorithm, unlike other platforms, is based on engagement, therefore the more a pinner interacts with a pin, the more exposure and reach it gets. You can engage with a pin by clicking on its call to action buttons: Follow, Tried It, Comment, Save (re-pin), Buy, Clickthrough.


Converts browsers to buyers

With all the clickable action buttons associated with pins, pinners are only one step away from your product or offer – that’s why Pinterest converts more sales faster than another other social media source. Nice one Pinterest!


To infinity and beyond…

Another benefit to pinning is that a pin lasts forever, with traction only gaining after time. A half-life of a social media post is considered the time it takes to receive 50% of all the attention it’s going to get, ie likes, comments, shares, etc, a figure that varies depending on which medium you are using and the size of the audience it’s being shared with.

Here are the comparisons with other platforms:

  • Twitter – 10-15 mins
  • Facebook – 3.2 hours
  • Instagram – 19 hours
  • Pinterest – 3.5 months

Don’t let this put you off using other social media platforms, but certainly consider the impact Pinterest could have on your business and brand.


Pins drive traffic

With the use of Rich Pins (you’ll find out what they are in blog 2) a pin is just a click away from your website. And as pinners tend to be heavily engaged and are click-happy, your pins will drive traffic back to your website, which in turn drives more traffic.


Pinterest connects with your website, Facebook profile and Twitter

You can automatically post new pins between feeds to increase your reach further.

To ensure you have that winning Pinterest for Business formula, you must set up a great brand experience correctly and be a regular curator.


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