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Trio Accouting

Trio Accounting, a small but dynamic accounting practice led by Nickie Sheehan, specializes in providing tailored accounting services and business coaching, with a special focus on empowering women entrepreneurs. To manage the increasing demands of her practice, Nickie sought a reliable partner to handle essential accounting compliance work. This allowed her to focus on providing strategic business advice and coaching, without getting bogged down by compliance tasks.

“The challenge was to find a partner that could deliver high-quality accounting support.”

Nickie had firsthand experience with the benefits of outsourcing from her previous roles and wanted to integrate it into Trio Accounting’s operations.

Initially, Nickie planned to outsource only the annual accounts. However, as the collaboration proved successful, the scope expanded to include GST preparation and plans to outsource bookkeeping in the near future. Admin Army’s service evolution is rooted in efficient client relationship management.

Lorna, Admin Army’s Accounting Practice Support Manager, explains, “If the current workflows are managed efficiently by both sides, it’s a no-brainer to expand the offering. We share knowledge and if we spot a gap in process or an opportunity to help our clients with complementary tasks, we raise it.”

The Solution

Admin Army came highly recommended by an existing client, and Nickie decided to give them a try alongside another provider. The superior quality of service from Admin Army quickly convinced her to switch entirely to their services. Admin Army’s suite of services included:

Preparation of Draft Financial Statements:

Ensuring accuracy and compliance in financial reporting.

Drafting of Tax Returns:

Streamlining the tax filing process for timely and accurate submissions.

GST Preparation:

Handling GST calculations and submissions, easing the administrative burden on Trio Accounting.

The Impact

Nickie has seen significant benefits from the partnership, particularly the ability to complete 80% of annual accounts before Christmas, allowing her team to take a break in January. Admin Army continuously gathers and integrates client feedback into their SOPs, ensuring ongoing improvements and best practices.

The Future

As Trio Accounting looks to expand its outsourcing to Admin Army by adding bookkeeping, Admin Army’s comprehensive and integrated service offerings make it a seamless transition. With four distinct service lines and areas of expertise—bookkeeping, payroll, admin, and accounting compliance—Admin Army provides a robust and adaptable framework tailored to meet evolving client needs. This flexibility allows Trio Accounting to start with essential services and effortlessly incorporate additional support as their business grows and their confidence in Admin Army’s service grows.

Admin Army’s scalable model ensures that as Trio Accounting expands, they can continue to deliver exceptional service to their clients without the need for significant internal team expansion, maintaining high standards of excellence.


“Admin Army has been a core part of my small practice since day one. Their ability to handle our compliance work quickly and efficiently is invaluable, allowing us to focus on helping our customers build better businesses. The level of service, expertise, and professionalism from the Admin Army team is second to none. I just love working with Lorna, Anit, and the team.” – Nickie Sheehan, Founder, Trio Accounting


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