What do you do when you are running a technologically savvy business, but need help with a different kind of technology yourself?

Well, you outsource to the experts of course!

Mata Digital is a modern and progressive business that creates amazing websites for small to medium enterprises.

Their team is a blend of techies and creatives who specialise in providing web design, development and marketing solutions for New Zealand businesses.

Director Tim Hampton launched Mata Digital three years ago. With a team of seven employees and several contractors, he helps to grow the bottom line for many companies through transformative digital experiences.

It is safe to say they are a highly skilled bunch of people!

However, Tim found he was having to take too much time away from the technical tasks only he could perform, for administration and finances.

What’s a tech company to do?


As a relatively new business, Mata Digital had no systems or processes around bookkeeping or payroll. Internally, they didn’t have the time or resources to do a good job of setting up this critical part of running their business.

As every new business owner does, Tim initially took on the task. But, he soon realised that it was eating up too much of his precious time. Time that could be put to much more productive use in growing the business.

During the important ‘make or break’ early years of business, Tim wanted the team to focus on being the best at what they do. He did not want to spend all his time managing the administration required to successfully run a business.



When evaluating the different options for outsourcing, Tim knew that Mata Digital needed a partner first and foremost. Someone who could meet their progressive, technologically-minded business philosophies. He wanted an equally modern business that would make life easier for his team.

Fortunately, he came across the team at Admin Army…

“They’re very tech-focused, and we push that focus in what we do too.”

After an initial clean up phase, we were up and running like clockwork. Right away, the team at Hawkes Bay Concrete began to see the benefits.

Once they found each other, it was simply a case of discussing the task list.
The partnership with Admin Army has definitely been a positive one. Since they have been working together Mata Digital have seen a significant change in their business.

“Working with Admin Army has reduced our stress levels greatly. There is now a whole arm of the business we don’t have to worry about and we can focus on other parts to keep the business running.”

Without the time consuming financial tasks bogging them down, they can now turn their attention to the important things of keeping the business running smoothly and profitably.


Weekly Xero Reconciliation


Weekly Payroll


Accounts Payable Management


Fixed Asset and Depreciation Management


“Since working with Admin Army, the business size has grown by over 400% with Tim’s ability to focus on selling and building websites.”

Rather than slogging away, trying to perfect something right that doesn’t come naturally, the Mata Digital team are able to focus on what they do best.
If anyone asks him about why he outsources their bookkeeping work, Tim has this returning question…

“If all services are in house, are you trying to be an effective bookkeeping service or are you trying to be the best at what you’re good at?”


Every business needs accurate, on time bookkeeping and financial management. Without it, you are simply walking a tightrope in the dark.

If you had to hire a dedicated employee with the skills to manage these areas, you would find yourself creating a lot of work. You need to train other employees to cover that role in the event of illness or leave, and run the risk of being left in the lurch and starting from scratch if that person moves on. Plus, there is the cost involved with training and paying an employee on a regular basis.

Outsourcing eliminates those issues, giving the peace of mind that the bookkeeping will be done accurately and on time every month. Plus, you only have to pay for the time your bookkeeper actually works.


If you are trying to consider whether outsourcing is right from your business, why not take some advice from Tim…

“[Admin Army] make a hard thing easy. The peace of mind knowing that everything is done every time on time takes a huge weight off my shoulders.”

Tim loves working with the team at Admin Army so much, that he also engages their bookkeeping services for two of his other businesses – LuminateOne and Mata Property.

Have we convinced you? Is it time to get a bookkeeper in your business? Then get in touch with us here at Admin Army for a chat about how we can free up time and resource at your place.