Hawkes Bay Hockey



Balancing your offerings with community needs and financial viability can be a fine art!

That is the tightrope that Hawkes Bay Hockey found themselves walking every day.

Hawkes Bay Hockey is an Incorporated Society dedicated to supporting the continued growth and development of hockey and its supporting infrastructures throughout the Hawkes Bay region — and the country — using a sustainable community hockey model.

Their main goal is to make hockey available for everyone to experience. So, to continue their excellent work, it is vital they are financially sustainable while having the capacity to grow and provide value for the community.

But, there are only so many hours in the day! Responsible for managing a variety of facilities, along with a growing community of players and supporters, Andi Cullen (Hockey Community Manager) and her small team have their hands full.

They knew that they needed a solution before things started to fall through the cracks. Outsourcing was just the solution they had been looking for.


With only two full-time employees, time is precious. The team at Hawkes Bay Hockey understood that outsourcing specific tasks to a highly experienced specialist is an essential time saver. It allowed them the freedom to put those limited in-house resources to be put to good use elsewhere.

Andi also saw outsourcing as a smart move with regards to future proofing. Office staff may move on, requiring someone new to be trained, especially in a seasonal sport. Outsourcing to a reliable agency ensures there will always be someone up to speed with your processes and accounts, providing consistency from year to year.



There are hundreds of administrators, bookkeepers and Virtual Assistants out there, professing they can do the work that Andi needed.

However, there are not so many who could do it well! When shopping around for who they wanted to work with, Hawkes Bay Hockey was impressed with Admin Army’s attention to detail and their passion to understand the business.
While other providers merely supplied bulk standard pricing plans, Admin Army asked in-depth questions and performed data analysis to come up with an informed and accurate quote.

It was immediately clear to Andi that from the amount of effort and research Admin Army put in, they genuinely comprehended what was needed and would be a great fit.


Hockey Community Manager Andi used to manage the books herself, fitting it in here and there around her busy schedule. Nowadays it is a different story. Because Admin Army handles all their bookkeeping work, she finds she has more time and energy to put back into the organisation.

“If I had to do it all now, it would take me 10-12 hours per week. I’m now free to do other stuff and better serve the organisation. I can just flick you an email and you just get it (what I’m asking), and it’s done, even if I don’t know how to do it.”

It really is a huge relief for Andi and her team that Admin Army looks after all of these tasks…


Xero bank reconciliation


Accounts payable – Entering Bills into Xero and generating batch payments for payment/authorisation


GST processing and filing with the IRD


Processing manual journals


If you are on the fence about whether or not you should consider some of your administration or bookkeeping, then let Andi give you some advice.

Bottom line; outsourcing to Admin Army is easy.“

“We have a solid assurance that the accounts are done completely. At the end of each period, the accounts are pretty accurate with both sets of eyes on it.”

So, if you would love to free up some time in your business, we would love to help you do it! Get in touch with the team here at Admin Army to see how we might be able to take your bookkeeping or administrative tasks off your hands!

Drop us a line today.