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Daniel O’Regan Strategic Consulting

Daniel O’Regan, the innovative mind behind Daniel O’Regan Strategic Communications Limited (DOSC), has spent nearly a decade carving a niche in strategic communications across the Mid Central North Island of New Zealand. Recognising the need to expand his impact without compromising quality, Daniel sought to outsource critical aspects of his business, enabling him to focus on his core competencies. This decision led him to Admin Army, a partnership that would extend his capabilities and streamline his operations.

“Admin Army has been a pivotal part of our journey, enabling us to scale our impact and streamline our operations.”

With a business model centered around Daniel’s expertise in managing contractors and delivering exceptional work, DOSC was on the lookout for a reliable partner to handle various administrative tasks. These ranged from document formatting and social media content creation to more intricate tasks like newsletter communications and preparation of budget submissions. The aim was to free up Daniel’s time to focus on strategic growth areas while ensuring operational tasks were executed flawlessly.

The Solution

Admin Army stepped in with its comprehensive virtual admin support services, tailored to meet DOSC’s dynamic needs. The collaboration spanned a wide array of services:


Proofreading and Editing:

Ensuring all communication, especially council-related work, was polished and professional.

Social Media Content Creation:

Crafting engaging content for DOSC’s platforms, enhancing brand visibility.

Newsletter Communication:

Creating compelling newsletters for DOSC and it’s clients, keeping stakeholders informed and engaged.


Document Formatting:

Streamlining document presentation for optimal professionalism and clarity.

Budget Submission Preparation:

Assisting in the financial planning process to secure funding and ensure financial sustainability.

Biographical Writing:

Crafting compelling biographies for website use, enhancing personal and organisational branding.

Minute Taking:

Providing comprehensive record-keeping services for meetings, ensuring accountability and clarity in proceedings.

The Impact

The partnership with Admin Army has significantly bolstered DOSC’s operational capabilities, allowing Daniel to leverage his strengths more effectively. Admin Army’s flexibility in scaling its services to accommodate DOSC’s varying workload has been a game-changer, ensuring Daniel can navigate peak periods with ease. The quality, efficiency, and reliability of Admin Army’s services have not only freed up valuable time for strategic initiatives but have also enhanced DOSC’s professional image through high-quality external communications.

The Future

Daniel envisions a steady continuation of this fruitful partnership with Admin Army, appreciating the flexibility, capability expansion, and the seamless integration of Admin Army’s team into his business operations. This collaboration stands as a testament to the power of strategic outsourcing, showcasing how it can enable businesses to focus on their core strengths while ensuring operational excellence.

“Their commitment to quality and flexibility in service delivery has allowed me to focus on what I do best, confident in the knowledge that the operational aspects of my business are in expert hands.”


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