Case Study: Boatshed Catering

Removing The Business Thorn In Your Side

Do you have one job in your business that feels like a total thorn in your side?

Every time it appears on your To Do List, you groan. Well, let’s be honest, you probably swear… a lot.

Time consuming, frustrating and boring tasks have no place in your business day.

Well, they certainly have no place in Boatshed Catering’s business day anyway.

That is why they engaged our services here at Admin Army!


Who Are Boatshed Catering?

Boatshed Catering offer superb catering from their stunning location at The Chalet on Hokowhitu Lagoon or delicious off-site catering options at your home and other venues.

Based in Palmerston North, the team of helpful staff cater for any event. Everything from weddings and family events to corporate events and conferences. And they do it all with the friendliness and flexibility of an experienced, tight-knit team.

In operation since 2007, owner Lisa and new business partner, Hayley have successfully grown the business over the last decade. A large part of that was engaging the services of Admin Army in December 2016. Fun fact, Boatshed Catering was Admin Army’s very first client!

Freeing Up Time And Headspace

Since the launch of the business, the chore of payroll was a never-ending thorn in Lisa’s side. Using a manual process – without any payroll software – all calculations were painstakingly done by hand using the IRD PAYE calculator.

It was a time-consuming task requiring intense concentration and accuracy. This took at least two hours of uninterrupted time every week. Time that was increasingly difficult to set aside as the orders continued to flow in.

“I would take the information in my notebook to my accountant in hard copy every month to file PAYE with IRD.”

Because of the pressure of running a growing catering company, payroll often wasn’t a priority. The processing was sometimes late, meaning payments to the team were also delayed.

“This wasn’t fair on them, especially as they are so important to the business.”

Partnering With Admin Army

Not long after Admin Army was launched, Lisa had a timely chat with Irene – founder of Admin Army – about the business and what services would be offered.

“I had never even considered that this (payroll) was something that I could outsource. I jumped at the opportunity to hand this task over to someone I trusted.”

Not only did that two-hour space of time used for payroll become available for other tasks, but the mental headspace created by taking that extra job off their shoulders was considerable.

“Now I just send through the timesheets every week on a Monday and payroll is processed within a couple of hours. It’s one less thing to worry about.”

Boatshed Catering’s fabulous team of around 18 staff – including full-timers, part-timers, and casual fill-ins – get paid on time every time, which means everyone is happy.


Payroll system implementation

Weekly payroll service

Payday filing

Holidays Act advice

Streamlining The Process

Thankfully, Lisa has well and truly waved goodbye to that notebook!

Admin Army streamlined the entire process by implementing a payroll software called PayHero. This simple solution ensures all the data is recorded and stored accurately, plus payslips are sent to staff automatically.

Payroll is well and truly taken care of and Admin Army are always there to help in other departments when needed.

“The Admin Army team is a wealth of knowledge – always able to answer questions and give insight into things – like the Holidays Act, for example. Where questions fall outside their knowledge base, they are able to point us in the direction of someone with the right expertise.”

So, are you ready to remove the business thorn in your side?

Then get in touch with the team here at Admin Army. Not only can we handle all of your payroll and bookkeeping tasks, but we can also take care of admin thorns too!

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