How To Create A Productive Home-Based Office

May 17, 2021

Even before the word “pandemic” was bandied around like a commonplace event, working from home was rising in popularity.

For many people, it’s the solution in their quest for work-life balance – a chance to skip rush hour and enjoy the views of your own backyard as you work.

But being productive when working from home isn’t as easy as it sounds.

Distractions abound, and you still need to get into the right mindset to get stuck into work.

Having the right set-up is an excellent start. Here’s how to set yourself up for success by creating a productive home-based office.

How To Create A Productive Home-Based Office

Pick The Optimal Location

Most people focus best in a quiet, calm environment free of distractions. So, trying to work on the couch with your laptop balanced on your knee and the TV blaring probably isn’t going to be conducive to a productive day!
If you have the option of turning a spare room into an office, this is ideal. If not, try to find a quiet, low-traffic area of the house to set up in. Having a designated work area to settle into really does help you get into the right mindset, even if it’s just a small area in the corner of your bedroom.

Set The Mood With Lighting

The lighting of your workspace can significantly affect your mood, and heavily impacts things like energy levels and your ability to sleep well at night. Natural light is the best option. It reduces headaches and eyestrain and has been proven to boost productivity.
If you can’t set up in an area with windows, the next best thing is to invest in a full-spectrum light bulb. While warm lighting tones (think fireplaces and candles) promote relaxation, colder light is more conducive to focus and productivity.
Ensure you choose a well-lit area, and consider using blue-light blocking glasses to prevent tired eyes and headaches.

Get Your Tech Sorted

Ensure you have all the bells and whistles you need to keep your business running smoothly and efficiently. A dedicated phone line is essential (whether it’s a landline or mobile), as is high-speed internet to avoid you wasting precious time.
While there’s no need for the average business owner to have the latest high-tech gaming computer, having the right technology with the capacity to handle your software and other requirements will avoid stress and hold-ups.
Want to be able to go work at a café or in the backyard now and then? Opt for a reliable laptop with good battery life.

Take Care Of Your Body

It’s hard to feel productive and motivated when your back hurts, you have a whopper of a headache, and your wrists ache. Taking care of your body is essential if you want to be productive and creative day after day.
Spend time sorting out your furniture set-up. The height of your desk and chair, as well as the angle of your computer screen and keyboard are all crucial factors in ensuring you avoid fatigue and reduce the chance of developing long-term health issues like RSI.
Ideally, the top of your wrist should be roughly equal to your forearm when you are typing or using the mouse, with minimal bend to your wrists. The computer monitor should be positioned so that your eyes naturally fall on the top quarter of the screen when you are looking straight ahead.
Your chair should have adequate lumbar support and be adjustable to your height, supporting correct posture.

Avoid Clutter

It’s easy for clear spaces to attract clutter in the average household! Try to make your workspace a clutter-free zone to increase your productivity and motivation.
Have a set of drawers or shelves nearby for storing supplies and documents in, but keep that precious desk or tabletop crisp and clear. That way, your mind will be able to focus on the task at hand and not be distracted by anything else that is in your space.

Create A Space You Love

If you trap yourself in a dark, damp corner of the house to get your work done, it’s going to be hard to feel inspired! Take small steps to make your home office feel welcoming – a place where you enjoy spending time every day!
If you can, paint the walls a soothing tone. Green is a calming yet productivity-boosting colour.
Hang your favourite motivational quote, vision board, or a picture representing your “why” and add a pot plant or two. Research has shown that plants in the office can improve your mood and boost productivity!

Get Out Of The Office!

Now that you have got your ideal home office set up and good to go, don’t forget to leave it from time to time! The best way to boost productivity and keep your mind and body fresh is to have regular breaks. Get up, stretch your legs, wander around the block, or escape outside for a quick cuppa.


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