How To Keep Your Payroll Under Control

Apr 30, 2021

It goes without saying that payroll is an integral part of doing business. But for many small business owners, effective payroll management is often easier said than done.

As one of New Zealand’s leading providers of virtual assistant services, we know exactly what it takes to keep your payroll processes under control.

From organisation systems to tech advice and everything in between, we’ve rounded up five essential tips to maximise the efficiency of your payroll system:


1. Organisation is key

Effective payroll mostly comes down to being organised. Developing a plan of attack – including what to prioritise and when to prioritise it – will give you the structure you need to hit your deadlines and minimise the risk of any last-minute surprises that could disrupt your processes.

While payroll organisation comes in many shapes and forms, the most important step involves creating a robust payroll calendar. As the name suggests, a payroll calendar is simply a calendar that you use to keep track of all of your important payroll-related dates, including one-off and recurring deadlines. Use calendar alerts to remind payroll personnel of upcoming deadlines and ensure there are systems in place to delegate sub-tasks, manage progress and remove potential blockers.

Most payroll solutions come with a built-in payroll calendar, but you can also use a regular spreadsheet to set up a calendar for your business.


2. Use the right payroll software

If your current payroll software is a little clunky (or if you’re still processing payroll manually) it might be time to look for a new solution. These days, there are a bunch of great payroll software solutions on the market that offer a wide range of features to help streamline your workflow.

Finding the right payroll solution for your needs might involve some trial and error, so take the time to shop around and try out a few different options – most vendors offer a free trial so you can get a feel for the software.

Outsourcing your payroll can also be a savvy way to solve your payroll software woes. A good virtual assistant will be highly proficient with a variety of payroll software and know how to use your chosen payroll solution to deliver a fast, efficient and fully compliant service.


3. Stay up to date with payroll rules

One of the most challenging parts of maintaining a well-oiled payroll system is ensuring the system is compliant with current regulations. New Zealand’s payroll rules are constantly evolving, which means that a payroll system that was perfectly compliant last year might be breaching all sorts of rules in the here and now. Missed deadlines, financial penalties and other legal missteps can quickly snowball into expensive and time-consuming problems for business owners.

Payroll mistakes are costly. Because small businesses often lack the resources to stay up to date with the constantly evolving payroll laws, many business owners choose to leverage the expertise of virtual assistant services to ensure they’re properly fulfilling all of their legal obligations.


4. Document your processes

After establishing an efficient payroll system that works for your company, it’s important to document your processes. Good documentation makes it easier to identify potential weak points in the system that can be improved upon further down the track, and also ensures that every member of the payroll team understands their role and the part they play in the wider process.

Documentation may include creating and maintaining a standard payroll processing manual, which describes how to complete each step of the process in detail. The manual may also describe how to manually process payroll in the event of an emergency or system downtime.


5. Work with a specialist

Payroll is a critical business function. While many business owners feel that they have a responsibility to handle the burden of payroll in-house, the truth is that many small businesses lack the time and/or specialist expertise required to handle the complexities of the payroll process.

Instead of struggling to manage payroll internally, consider outsourcing your payroll to a specialist team. Here at Admin Army, we provide comprehensive payroll services tailored to your unique business requirements. Combining friendly service with expert knowledge of payroll legislation and industry best practices, we’ll take care of your payroll so you can focus on more important areas of the business.


Take control of your payroll

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