Do You Have A Company Vision Statement? Here’s Why You Should

Nov 15, 2021

Do you have a vision for the future of your business?

Have you thought about how you want things to look if everything goes to plan, and how your ideal business will unfold in the coming years?

Many companies create vision statements to help them identify their goals for the future. But these powerful guiding documents can do much more than just act as a roadmap.

They can inspire your customers, attract the right talent to your team, and help create a fantastic company culture to bring that vision into reality.

If you don’t yet have a defined vision statement, you may be missing out on some valuable benefits.

Let’s look at what a vision statement is and why you need one.


Do You Have A Company Vision Statement? Here’s Why You Should


What is a Vision Statement? Vision vs Purpose Vs Mission

There are a lot of buzzwords in business. We often hear people talk about values, vision, mission, and purpose interchangeably, but these things are not all the same.

Let’s start by looking briefly at the difference between vision, mission, and purpose.

Mission Statements

A mission statement outlines the purpose of your organisation with regards to your audience. It explains what your company aims to do, describing the product or service you provide and who you provide it to.

Vision Statements

A vision statement is more aspirational. It describes what you hope to achieve in a broader sense while doing the work described in your mission statement. While a mission statement is more practical, a vision statement is more conceptual and future-focused.


If you think of the vision statement as the what and the mission statement as the how, the purpose is the why. Your purpose explains why your business exists (in a broader sense than “to make money.)

How they fit together

In summary, your vision statement describes where you are headed, your mission statement explains how you will get there, and your purpose covers why you’re going anywhere at all!


Why You Need It

Now that we’ve defined what a vision statement is, let’s talk about why it’s so important.

A good leader must be able to inspire people with a vision, so every successful business needs to create an image of the future that resonates with the right people – customers and employees alike.

Having a strong, clear vision keeps you and your team on course to fulfil your purpose. It keeps people showing up and doing the work during good times and bad and encourages your customers to join you on your journey.

Here are some of the ways a vision statement can benefit your business:

It unites

When everyone understands and buys into your vision, they feel like they’re part of something bigger. This provides deeper meaning to their work and helps ensure your employees are all rowing in the same direction.

It aids with business planning

Every decision in your business should be made with the vision in mind. If tough decisions arise, your vision statement will help you and your team make the correct choice.

It attracts talent

More than ever, people are making career choices based on values and purpose. If you have a strong vision statement, you’ll attract top candidates that are an excellent fit for your company culture.

It inspires

A powerful vision can inspire people to go the extra mile. It’s what gets you out of bed every morning when you’d rather sleep in, and keeps you focused on the end goal even during challenging times.

It connects

Consumers are drawn to purpose and value-driven companies. An inspiring statement capturing a vision of the future that resonates with your target audience is a powerful way to connect them with your brand.


Do You Have A Vision Statement?

Do you have an inspiring vision statement for your business? If not, it’s never too late to create one.

But good things take time, and building such vital foundations for your business shouldn’t be rushed. If you’re stretched for time, why not outsource some of your admin work and free up those valuable resources to take an important step for your business?

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